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Exo Terra Mister Spray Bottle 64 oz

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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The Exo Terra Mister Helps Maintain Optimal Humidity. Frequent Rainfall Helps Stimulate Breeding Behavior And Is A Necessity When Housing Live Tropical Plants Such As Bromeliads, Orchids, Mosses, Etc. The Exo Terra Mister Provides A Source Of Hydration For Chameleons And Other Reptiles That Require Drinking Water In The Form Of Rainfall. The Exo Terra Mister Is An Easy-To-Use Pressure Mister That Eliminates The Chore Of Using Trigger Sprayers. The Spray Nozzle Can Be Adjusted To Allow Either Single Stream Or Full Mist Spraying, And It Has A Locking Mechanism That Allows For Continuous Spraying. The Large Capacity Reservoir Holds 67.5 Fluid Ounces And Is Ideal For Use With Large Or Multiple Terrariums, Outdoor Set-Ups, And In Greenhouses.


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