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Intuition Goat Milk & Collagen Food Topper or Treat with Immunity Support for Dogs & Cats 3.2 oz

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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Introducing Intuition Goat Milk & Collagen Food Topper or Treat, a premium supplement crafted to elevate the well-being of your beloved dogs and cats. Packed with the wholesome goodness of goat milk and enriched with collagen, this unique formula offers more than just a tasty treat—it provides comprehensive support for your pet's immunity.

Our carefully curated blend combines the nourishing benefits of goat milk, known for its digestibility and rich nutrient profile, with the rejuvenating properties of collagen. Together, they work synergistically to promote optimal digestion and gut health, ensuring that your furry friend thrives from the inside out.

Whether sprinkled over their daily meals as a tempting food topper or enjoyed as a standalone treat, Intuition Goat Milk & Collagen offers a convenient way to enhance your pet's diet. With regular consumption, you can help strengthen their immune system, support healthy skin and coat, and foster overall vitality.

Formulated with your pet's well-being in mind, our product is free from artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers, making it a wholesome choice you can trust. Give your furry companions the gift of holistic health with Intuition Goat Milk & Collagen Food Topper or Treat—an irresistible indulgence that nourishes body, mind, and spirit.

goat milk, collagen (from beef hide), blueberry, cranberry, apple, citric acid preservative, mixed tocopherols preservative. *contains dairy product


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