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Perky Pet Hummingbird Original Instant Nectar Concentrate 8 oz

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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Easy to prepare and perfectly tasty, Perky-Pet Red Hummingbird Instant Nectar Concentrate supports the nutritional needs of your favorite feathered friends. To prepare it, you just need to mix four teaspoons of food into every three ounces of water. There’s no need to boil water, and the nectar’s ready to feed as soon as it’s mixed. The nectar is made of 100 percent sucrose, ideal for hummingbird digestive systems. Its vibrant red color helps to attract hummingbirds to your feeders. Add it to any liquid hummingbird feeder and watch your feathered friends flock to your yard.

Key Benefits

  • Nectar powder concentrate is easy to use.
  • Makes up to 48 ounces of nectar.
  • Pure sucrose formula supports nutritional needs of hummingbirds.
  • No boiling required.
  • Vibrant red color helps to attract hummingbirds to your yard.
Sucrose, Sodium Benzonate (Perservative), FD&C #40, Potassium Sorbate (Perservative).


Nutritional Info