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​How to Keep Your Pet Hydrated

​How to Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Posted by Chow Hound Pet Supplies on Jun 14th 2022

All year round it is important to be aware of your pet’s hydration, however, it is crucial during the hot summer months. That is why July is Pet Hydration Month. Water does more than regulate your pet’s temperature on hot days. Just like humans, your pet’s body relies on water for all of its essential functions.

Now the question is - how do you know if your pet is dehydrated? There are many signs of dehydration your pet may show. Some signs to look out for are:

  • Moving more slowly than normal
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Intense panting
  • Dry nose, mouth, and gums


While cats may not spend as much time outside as dogs, they are more prone to dehydration. Below are a few sneaky ways to ensure your cat stays properly hydrated.

Try out a Cat Fountain

Cats are often dehydrated because they aren’t interested in drinking from their water bowl. If this is a problem for your kitty, give a cat water fountain a go! The sound and movement of a water fountain can entice your cat to drink more water. We recommend checking out the Pet Safe Drinkwell Butterfly Plastic Pet Fountain.

Enhance Their Water

Sometimes we crave something to drink other than water, so why wouldn’t your cat? Try adding Nulo Cat Hydrate to your cat’s water. These flavored water supplements do more than just support your cat’s hydration. They also contain amino acids and vitamins to support your cat’s overall health.

Add in Wet Food

Feeding your cat a wet food diet or supplementing their kibble with wet food can boost their hydration. A few great wet cat food options are Orijen Original Entrees, Acana Premium Pate, and Applaws Naturals in Broth. If you prefer feeding your cat dry food, you can still enhance the hydration by topping it with broth. We like this one from Caru.


It’s summer and that means your pup wants to play outside all day. It is important to make sure during those sunny days that your pooch stays hydrated.

Have Water Available

Your dog must always have fresh water available to drink. While your pup may have their water bowl at home, you should keep a portable water bowl with you when you are spending time outside. One of our favorites is the Kurgo Zippy Bowl. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to clean.

Hydrate their Kibble

A great way to increase your dog’s liquid intake is by hydrating their kibble. You can do this by adding some lukewarm water to their kibble at feeding time. This will increase their water intake and can make the food more appetizing to your pooch. Another great way to hydrate your dog’s kibble is with Nulo’s Bone Broth. This bone broth includes electrolytes like potassium and sodium to promote proper hydration.

Treat them to Something Frozen

When the weather is too hot to handle, treat your pup to something frozen to cool them off! An easy and convenient option is giving your dog a Pupsiclez! These frozen popsicles will cool your pooch down and keep them hydrated. You can also try freezing their favorite toy or a high-value treat. Simply add a toy or treat into a plastic container, cover it with water, and freeze. Pop it out of the container when your dog needs to cool down and let them go to town. This activity provides enrichment and hydration!

Use these tips and tactics to keep your pet hydrated, especially during these hot summer months. If you are ever concerned about your pet being dehydrated or overheated contact your vet immediately.