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-made in the USA   -Triple-cleaned   -For year-round feeding

All bags are reasonably priced. The everyday mix is good for general maintenance feeding, the formula offers more variation in bird seed, while the fancy mix excludes corn, which eliminates waste.  

Each bag is tailored to the dietary needs of a specific kind of bird, so if you are wanting more cardinals in your yard try getting the cardinal mix! Bags come in 5lb, 15lb & 30lb.

Suet Cakes

Get the best nutritional supplements for your wild birds with these Pure Flight suet cakes. The ingredients are high quality and made exclusively in the USA. The packaging is particularly innovative - for its environmental impact and easy use. Each bag is 100% recyclable and uses 80% less packaging than suet in a tray. This allows for a no mess, easy transfer to a feeder. 

Suet Balls, Plugs & Feeders

Peanut mix suet balls + suet ball feeder

Peanut mix suet plugs + suet plug feeder

Suet cake feeder

For a fun way to feed suet, you can try the Pure Flight suet balls and plugs. Both are made with beef suet, corn and peanuts for a unique flavor that will ensure you always have birds in your backyard. The plugs work especially well for clinging birds such as woodpeckers and nuthatches. The balls are an even more convenient way to store suet, as they are very simple and easy to load into a feeder. These packages are also 100% recyclable and use 80% less packaging than suet in a tray. The feeders (sold separately) correspond with their respective suet type.