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Multipet Margaritaville Flip Flops Cat Toys 2 pk

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Add a splash of Margaritaville charm to your cat's playtime with our Multipet Margaritaville Flip Flop Catnip Filled Cat Toys, now available in a convenient 2-pack!

Inspired by the carefree spirit of island living, these flip flop-shaped toys are designed to delight your feline friend with hours of fun and frolic. Each flip flop is generously filled with premium catnip, enticing your cat to bat, chase, and cuddle to their heart's content.

Crafted with vibrant colors and durable materials, our Margaritaville Flip Flop Catnip Toys are perfect for engaging your cat's natural instincts and encouraging active play. Whether your cat prefers to swat, carry, or toss their toys around, these flip flops are sure to become instant favorites.

The convenient 2-pack ensures that you always have a spare on hand for when playtime gets extra lively or when your cat needs a new distraction. Plus, with their compact size, these toys are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, providing endless entertainment wherever your cat roams.

Treat your feline companion to a taste of paradise with our Multipet Margaritaville Flip Flop Catnip Filled Cat Toys – because in Margaritaville, every flip flop brings a purr of delight!


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