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Omega One Frozen Brine Shrimp Pod Pouch 30 Count 4 oz

This product requires a veterinary prescription.
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A brand new package for your favorite frozen treats! Convenient stand-up pouch contains 30 individual quick-thaw pods. Easy to use design allows each serving to be thawed separately, without compromising the entire package. Plus, no messing around with additional cups or bowls. Just perfect portion control that’s fast and clean.

  • Colorful, convenient stand-up pouch design
  • 30 individual quick-thaw pods in each pouch
  • Cleaner, easier alternative to traditional thawing
  • Preserves remaining food better than foil or standard plastic packaging
  • Only whole, natural organisms - no artificial dyes or preservatives
  • Free of all impurities and bacteria as a result of an 8–step cleansing process
  • Flash frozen immediately after harvesting to retain raw nutritional value


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